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Our Camp’s Culture: multi-aged groups, inquiry, and kindness

Our camp has a wide age range of students intentionally. We believe the projects and activities we do are appropriate, compelling, and fun for kindergartners and eighth graders alike. Varying interest and skill levels of children create a heterogeneous, family culture.  In the process, some of the oldest children like to “adopt” the younger children. All ages learn from each other. We attend carefully to children who need more challenges and to those who need more support.

Adults model and encourage curiosity. Our excursions and projects are designed to invite inquiry.

Our excursions into the city are planned and led by Peter Thulson, who has been successfully shepherding young children around the state of Colorado and city of Denver for over 20 years at the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning. Peter’s excursion style prompts students to collaborate, problem solve, and tend to with one another with care and thoughtfulness.

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